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Hi all!

Welcome to my PhotoGallery. My name is Eskil Olsen, and I was born in 1952.As you can see, this homepage is dedicated to my hobbies. My main interest is photograpy, and I´ve been photograping since the age of 12. Nowadays I´m mostly using my digital camara, and I´m currently exploring the possebilities of the digital darkroom. Nothing compares to the old-fashion cameras, but I like being able to see the results rigth away.


I live in Skonseng which is situated about 10 kilometres outside Mo i Rana, Norway. Here I´m enjoying life at the countryside, and many of the motives of my photos are taken from the immediate surroundings. When it comes to photgrapy, nature is my greatest inspiration. The small things in life are importent to mee. My house is situated on a pleace called Blåbærhaugen ( "Blueberry Hill" ). There are two people living here, my daugther Birgitte and I, one dog, three cats, five hens and two roosters. As time goes bye, you´ll meet many of them in my homepage.


You´ll find a link to Here you can see many of my photos. I´m in the process of learning how to build a website, and its my goal to put a little of my personality in this page.


In addition to photograpy, I also have other hobbies. I make pieces of jewelery out of juniper. In some of the vooden jewelery, I write runic letters from the ancien Norwegian rune alphabet. (FUTHARK) The letters are powerful symbols of such things as good health, frendship, or love. For examples, see the link to "runer".


I´m also interessted in herbes. This is quite a new hobby.I´m amazed by the number of good herbes to find. To read more more about herbes, see the link "urter" The pages of runer and herbes are not transelated.


Thanks for visiting! Feel free to send me an e-mail and please sign my guestbook







Here are some links to my photos.  SPRING   SUMMER   AUTUMN   WINTER   FLOWERS

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Not all of the titles have been translated, to see next photo click NESTE BILDE or FLERE BILDER.!!!

I hope you´ll enjoy the tour.